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Unit 24
at the
Christopher Columbus Condominiums

Looking North across the pool

Built in the mid 1970's when property on the Island was a LOT less expensive the Christopher Columbus runs parallel to the sea rather than perpendicular to give the 30 condominiums 330 feet of beautiful beach front.

16 first and second floor condos and 4 third floor penthouses face the sea.  The first and second floor units have two bedrooms and a den although many are converted to three bedroom units. The penthouses have three bedrooms and a den.  All have large sliding glass doors that face the sea.

Five units on the North side and five on the South side are referred to as "Garden View" units.   Even though the floor plan for these ten units is basically the same... they are by no means equal in value.  All have two bedrooms and two baths with living room, dining area and a kitchen. They all have the same large sliding glass doors that open onto a patio but that is where the similarity stops.

Ocean view from Unit 24
"Garden View" Unit 24 is unique.   It has a beautiful view of palm trees, beach and the Caribbean Sea [see picture to right].

Amateur Radio Operations from Unit  24.
A Cushcraft R6 multi band vertical (20 to 6 meters) and 106 foot +/- long wire antennas are available for licensed radio amateurs.  To obtain a ZF2 license, download the ICT@ form... Click here  [This is a PDF file]  Fill it out and fax it to the number shown.  NOTE... the form mentions IMPORTING your equipment.  That gets it on the Island... you don't have to leave it there.  In addition to your rig, bring an antenna tuner.

International frequency limits are more generous than those permitted in the US.  Frequency charts are available at ICT@ (Information & Communication Technology Authority) in the Alissta Towers on North Sound Road (TEL: 345-946-4282).




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