VM 515

The VM 515 Video demodulator accepts the 10.7 MHz I.F. output of a modified Avcom PSA 65x and converts it into a base-band (30Hz to 2MHz) signal. Although designed primarily for video detection it can produce an output signal anywhere in the base-band.

OPERATION: Connect the DIN plug to the AUX (power output) jack on the front of the analyzer. Using an appropriate length of BNC/BNC cable, connect the I.F. IN jack to the BNC connector on the rear panel of the analyzer. Connect the VIDEO OUT jack to the video input of the monitor.

Tune the analyzer to a video signal. Place the ZERO SPAN switch in AUDIO position and the SPAN switch on 50MHz/DIVision. Tune for maximum signal on the analyzer screen (Note the vertical sync pulses). Then tune for best picture on the monitor screen.

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