Help Yourself! ... a Story of FBI Corruption

Marty Kaiser grew up in a blue collar working family in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He was the typical patriotic American with a love for his country and a dream to someday make a difference. He was to go on and become the us government's top technical eavesdropping spy master, a man who could craft a "bug," or listening device, no one could find - or a system that would detect devices planted by foreign governments.

Marty's US government clients for surveillance and counter surveillance equipment included the who's who of the three letter covert us intelligence agencies. He was the equivalent of "Agent Q," in the British James Bond movies.

Marty Kaiser is also a man of ethics and integrity.   When called to testify before the house select committee on intelligence regarding the FBI's wiretapping procedures, he simply told the truth in an effort to assist the committee with its investigation. That testimony would place him on a collision course with internal FBI corruption at the highest levels and make him the target of shocking retribution.

Because of his mastery of technical eavesdropping, Marty was recruited by Walt Disney Productions/Touchstone pictures to provide technical support for the surveillance devices portrayed in the movie Enemy of the State. The film is an excellent portrayal of the power of government secrecy and surveillance, and the consequences of its abuse. How ironic it is that the theme of the film would be played out in real life with the advent of the NSA domestic spy program; which secretly arose out of the unbridled USA Patriot Act. NSA surveillance of innocent US citizens would indeed become a reality. The FBI would begin secret, warrantless searches of American's homes and businesses and the CIA would operate secret prisons around the world under horrific conditions. All this would be done without constitutional validation.

Help Yourself! : a Story of FBI Corruption is the fascinating, uncensored and refreshingly candid story of a man who rose to be considered the us government's top expert on eavesdropping. It is the story of a man who went up against the goliath of government corruption - alone, and paid the price for refusing to back down from the truth. Help Yourself!... a Story of FBI Corruption is the story of how a government can become alarmingly corrupted by the abuse of secrecy and the addiction to power of its agents. These agents attempted to destroy the business, reputation and family of a true American patriot who simply wanted to serve his country. But, in Marty Kaiser's case, they messed with the wrong man.

Kevin M. Shipp
Former CIA officer
Author of From the Company of Shadows
CIA secrecy and operations

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